July 2012

Warning for Dog Owners and Sandal-Wearers

This sign was taped to a lamppost at West 4th and Charles, warning dog owners about chemicals Sevilla uses to clean their sidewalks.

The sign says: “Be careful walking by Sevilla! The chemicals they use to clean their sidewalk are toxic and burned all 4 of my dog’s paws so badly they gave him ulcers. My ankles also broke out in a rash. When I called and asked them to stop they hung up on me.”

West Village Word was unable to verify the claim,  but will nevertheless avoid using the sidewalks around Sevilla.

If anyone has further information on this or similar hazards around the neighborhood, let us know by clicking on the cartoon speech balloon above and sending us the information.

City Council Ignores Community Protests and Approves NYU Plan
Against overwhelming opposition from NYU faculty, staff and the community, the City Council approved the massive NYU plan which will mean 20 years of construction and further domination of the neighborhood by the University.

For more information on the vote and what options still exist, go to GVSHP.org.

Could You Make it a Little Harder to Use that Sidewalk, Please?
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We love our tree-lined streets and beautiful townhouses, but along with that comes  sidewalks so narrow that people have to navigate them single file. Between the front stoops, the tree and garden plantings and basement doors, the width of a sidewalk in the West Village can be as narrow as a foot and a half in width.

Don’t get us wrong, we love any efforts to
beautify our neighborhood, but the sidewalk
on the Greenwich Street side of The Spotted Pig
is just a bit too restricting. The plants take up
a lot of sidewalk room, and the wooden
bench, although it’s the same width as the tree surround, makes it even narrower. Bikes are often parked in this narrow space as well. Can one imagine pushing a baby carriage through this opening?

So thank you, Spotted Pig, for all the pretty plants — but please consider people who have a difficult time walking on this block.

The Ever-Changing Face of Bleecker Street  

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Ralph Lauren women’s Rugby shop at 380 Bleecker
closed on July 15. It appears that the company had moved its different storefronts around several times; at one time they had a men’s store, a women’s store, a kids’ store and a separate Rugby shop, all on a two-block stretch of Bleecker Street.

Now the men’s store on Bleecker at Perry is all that’s left.

Easy Time for Thieves
There has been a recent rash of thefts at the Pier 40 soccer fields, where players arriving to play after work have no truly safe place to store their belongings. They have little choice but to leave everything lying around the field, where thieves have been able to grab iPhones, iPads, wallets and more. By early June, there had been 32 thefts at the fields, including 20 grand larcenies. See Stephanie Phelan’s article on the problem in the July issue of WestView, or go to westviewnews.org for the full story.
But Per 40 thefts are only part of the problem. With the summer in full swing, people gather at outdoor restaurants and cafés to enjoy the open air and good conversation—and leave their smart phones or other valuables out on the table, or their pocketbooks and computer bags hooked over the backs of chairs. It only takes a millisecond for a passing thief to grab your stuff and run.

Summer also brings open windows, and if unlocked and unprotected, these can be an easy entry for a home invader, who would have the power to commit more serious crimes than simple theft.
So don’t be careless. Protect yourself and your belongings at all times.
To sign up for an NYPD newsletter with more safety tips, go to the Community Affairs website by clicking here.