September 2013

Alert for Dog Owners

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The Leroy Street Dog Run Association issued an alert yesterday about three possible cases of kennel cough in dogs who regularly use the Leroy Street dog run.

Kennel cough is highly contagious and can be transmitted in several ways — through the air, from contact with other dogs, or drinking from public water bowls.

Your dog should already have gotten vaccinations against parainfluenza and bordetella, two of the main causes of kennel cough, but that’s no guarantee against contracting the illness. The first sign is a dry honking cough, which means it’s time to isolate your dog and bring it to the vet.

One Heartbeat Away…

The person who holds the Office of Public Advocate is one heartbeat away from being Mayor. Yet relatively little attention is paid to the campaigns of the current candidates, Leticia James and Daniel Squadron, who will be facing each other in a runoff election this next Tuesday, October 1.

The Public Advocate can introduce and co-sponsor bills in the City Council, but has no vote except in the case of a tie. The main function of the office is to act as a watchdog, providing oversight to city agencies and addressing citizens’ complaints. He or she also has the power to appoint members to various city boards and commissions, notably the New York City Planning Commission.

Importantly, the person holding this office must be able to step in should the Mayor vacate the office for any reason.

We must choose a capable candidate who can effectively oppose the Mayor when the Mayor’s programs are in conflict with the well-being of New Yorkers, as well as performing his or her other duties without influence from powerful interests.

The Mayoral Candidate You Never Heard Of…

VoteButtonSmallIf You’re a West Villager, you’re probably a registered Democrat, and you’ve probably made up your mind about who gets your vote for Mayor. And judging from recent polls, that candidate is probably Bill de Blasio.

But hold on!

If you’re one of the 53% of registered Democrats who consider themselves moderate orarticle-carrion-1112conservative, you may be a little nervous about proclamations of “End Stop and Frisk!” (rather than reforming it) and “Tax the Rich!”, as well as the revelation that he not only supported the Sandinistas (okay, so we all have opposed our government’s policies at one time or another) but honeymooned with his wife in Cuba and kept it a secret from his children.

What you know about Republican Joe Lhota is that he headed up the hated MTA and was a close aide to Mayor Giuliani, who has lost a lot of his sheen over the past few years. He deserves a closer look, however, as he reaches out to community groups and shows a desire to serve the city in a compassionate and effective way.

The person you’ve heard little about is the candidate running on the Independent ticket, Adolfo Carrion. He’s a former pastor, teacher, Bronx Borough President, and Director of White House Office of Urban Affairs Policy under President Obama. He holds strong views on education reform, public safety, housing and economic development.

There will be a debate between Joe Lhota and Adolfo Carrion (de Blasio still hasn’t committed)  at 7 pm Wednesday October 9 on Channel 1.The next debate will be between Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota on October 15, 7 pm on ABC Channel 7,  but Carrion is currently not included in that debate.

Okay, so go ahead and vote for the person you’ve already decided on, but make your vote an informed one and learn more about the other two candidates.

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