Safety Tips for Women

Rapes and muggings — many women think it could never happen to them. Here’s the bad news —it can. The first line of defense is common sense!

  • Drinking and returning home alone can leave you vulnerable; try to have a friend walk with you and see you safely into your apartment, or if taking a taxi, ask the driver to watch you get safely into the front door.
  • Always be aware of people around you as you approach your front door; If you’re on your cell phone or listening to your iPad, you won’t be alert enough to protect yourself, and you leave yourself open to theft as well as assault. If you suspect someone is loitering nearby or possibly following you, keep walking and be ready to flag down a passing car or pedestrian if you sense trouble.
  • Never be afraid to be rude if someone is trying to come into your buillding behind you. The person may even be normal and respectable looking, but there’s no shame in refusing them entry.

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