November 2013

Neighborhood Dog Owners Unite!

DogHappyHourOn the evening of November 18, The Leroy Dog Run Association hosted a Happy Hour for neighborhood dog owners at Quarter, Hudson and 10th Streets, where owners and dog lovers got to share stories and boast about their beloved creatures. Unfortunately, it was not an event that dogs themselves could attend, but it gave people a chance to meet and to discuss the future of the dog run.

The Leroy Street run, which is part of Hudson River Park, is a great place for dogs to have fun, running after tennis balls and playing with their buddies. But at this point, the ten-year-old run is in need of surface repairs,pools and drinking fountains for the dogs. The Leroy Street Dog Run Association is hoping to raise money for these repairs and improvements.

Individuals can contribute any amount from $25 and up, and business owners who make a suggested donation will be honored by a plaque at the dog run and have an ad on the association’s Facebook page.

For more information, contact Stephen DiMennna at or call 917-821-4089.