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Another Rape Reported in the West Village

The rape of a young woman reportedly took place in the early morning hours of Wednesday August 15 near Cornelia Street and Sixth Avenue.

According to the woman, the man was apparently following her and forced his way into her apartment where he attacked her, shortly before 3 am.

The suspect is described as 5’8″ Asian male, but no sketch is available at this time. Police ask that anyone with information call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS or go to

Another early morning rape (and robbery) of a young woman in the West Village took place on Perry Street back in April, when a man identifying himself as a neighborhood watchman offered to help a young woman get home safely.

Both young women reported being raped while returning home after a night out drinking with friends.

Some safety tips for women:

  • Drinking and returning home alone can leave you vulnerable; try to have a friend walk with you and see you safely into your apartment, or if taking a taxi, ask the driver to watch you get safely into the front door.
  • Always be aware of people around you as you approach your front door; If you’re on your cell phone or listening to your iPad, you won’t be alert enough to protect yourself, and you leave yourself open to theft as well as assault. If you suspect someone is loitering nearby or possibly following you, keep walking and be ready to flag down a passing car or pedestrian if you sense trouble.
  • Never be afraid to be rude if someone is trying to come into your buillding behind you. The person may even be normal and respectable looking, but there’s no shame in refusing them entry.

—Posted August 2012

Night Out Against Crime a Big Success

The annual National Night Out Against Crime Tuesday night at Father Demo Square was a big success, drawing crowds of people from throughout the neighborhood.

The purpose of the event was to distribute information on crime prevention and personal safety, let people know about local opportunities to fight crime in cooperation with NYPD, and to alert criminals that the neighborhood is organized, on the alert and ready to fight back.

Representatives from NYPD,  NYPD Auxiliary Police Force, Christopher Street Patrol and the 6th Precinct Community Council were on hand, as well as District Attorney Cy Vance, who addressed the the crowd.

Hot dogs and hamburgers were grilled up and served by police officers from the 6th Precinct club, accompanied by the wonderful piano and voice of Gabriel Aldort. You can visit his website by going here...

If you were unable to attend, many of the brochures given out can be picked up at the 6th Precinct. You can also go online to learn more about the following:


Easy Time for Thieves
There has been a recent rash of thefts at the Pier 40 soccer fields, where players arriving to play after work have no truly safe place to store their belongings. They have little choice but to leave everything lying around the field, where thieves have been able to grab iPhones, iPads, wallets and more. By early June, there had been 32 thefts at the fields, including 20 grand larcenies. See Stephanie Phelan’s article on the problem in the July issue of WestView, or go to for the full story.
But Per 40 thefts are only part of the problem. With the summer in full swing, people gather at outdoor restaurants and cafés to enjoy the open air and good conversation—and leave their smart phones or other valuables out on the table, or their pocketbooks and computer bags hooked over the backs of chairs. It only takes a millisecond for a passing thief to grab your stuff and run.

Summer also brings open windows, and if unlocked and unprotected, these can be an easy entry for a home invader, who would have the power to commit more serious crimes than simple theft.
So don’t be careless. Protect yourself and your belongings at all times.
To sign up for an NYPD newsletter with more safety tips, go to the Community Affairs website by clicking here.

—Posted July 2012