August 2013

Your Vote Matters — A Lot!

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VoteButtonThe Primaries to be held on September 10 will probably determine who our next Mayor is, so your one vote will be important.

You may have already decided who you’re voting for (and who you would never vote for) but ask yourself who can keep our beautiful city safe, affordable and thriving?

What issues are most important to you?
Here are some we think are important:

  • Street Safety  Keeping the crime rates as low or lower than they currently are— do we need to keep the status quo  or totally change the way NYPD works?
  • City Budget  A fiscal crisis is looming. Who is best suited to handle it?
  • Health Care  Keeping hospitals open and costs low when these fall within the Mayor’s power to do so.
  • Education Pre K for all, hi-tech improvements, better and higher-paid teachers in problem schools are some of the issues being raised.
  • Affordable Housing More low-income and middle-income housing in a city that’s becoming unaffordable for most.
  • Civil Rights  Protecting the rights and safety of minorities, including people of color and members of the LGBT community.
  • Small Business Development
  • Tech-Savvy Government  Modernizing  all areas of city government and services
  • Real Estate Development  Attracting more of it or limiting it?
  • Infrastructure
  • Environment  Keeping the air clean and protecting against future storms.
  • Emergency Management Managing the city effectively in the face of disaster, natural or man-made.
  • Government Negotiations Effectively negotiating with the City Council, State and Federal Government for funding and legislation that helps the city.
  • Contract Negotiations Working out fair and reasonable contracts with city unions, including NYPD, Sanitation, Teachers Union  and NYFD.

And don’t forget to educate yourself on the candidates for Comptroller, Public Advocate and our City Council representative.

What realistic proposals do the candidates make on these issues and how effective will they be if elected as Mayor?

Last Chance!

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As the unofficial Summer draws to a close, many of the ongoing outdoor programs are coming to an end. Don’t miss the last chance you’ll have to enjoy these nearby events.

  • FishingCaption2Tuesday August 27, 1-5 pm: Big City Fishing  Kids and adults can learn to fish and get to know about the Hudson River ecology every Tuesday. Pier 46 , Charles Street and the Hudson River. Free.
  • Wednesday August 28. 10-11 am: Kids Yoga  Kids get to sing, dance and learn yoga poses at Garibaldi Plaza, Washington Square Park. Bring a yoga mat. Free.
  • Thursday August 29, 6:30 pm: Thursdays Through August 29 at 6:30 pm: Sunset Salsa  Lessons from 6:30pm-7:30pm, followed by open dancing from 7:30pm-9:00pm. 14th Street Park at 14th Street and Tenth Avenue. Free.

Several outdoor events continue for a few more weeks — be sure to check out the daily, weekly and ongoing events around the neighborhood by going to the West Village Events page.

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