City Proclaims January 18th, 2018, as “Village Apothecary Day”

After serving the Neighborhood for 35 years, Village Apothecary was awarded a Proclamation from the Mayor’s Office, in particular for their dedication to serving people with HIV/AIDS.

At a time when the AIDS crisis was in full bloom, Village Apothecary became the place where people suffering from the disease could get healthcare, advice, and medications. The Apothecary also assisted those with difficulty paying for the medications by extending credit, and working with city agencies and insurance companies to help defray the costs.

Since they opened 35 years ago, they have been an important supporter of the

LGBT community.

For those of us who are not part of the LGBT community, Village Apothecary is a valuable
neighborhood resource. Its cheerful pharmacists and  staff continually go out of their way to expedite getting refills, cut through red tape to get approval from doctors and insurance companies, give prescription advice, and procure medicines that may be difficult to get.

West Village Word has spoken to several loyal customers of Village Apothecary that have moved to Harlem, the Upper East Side, and all the outer boroughs, but still come back to the neighborhood to get their prescriptions filled there.

We congratulate Village Apothecary and its staff for receiving this well-deserved honor.