We’ll Miss You, Marty!

On March 30, Community Affairs Officer Martin Baranski retired from the 6th Precinct after 31 years of service, six of which were served as Community Affairs Officer. Marty was well-known and well-liked in the neighborhood, and will be missed.

He was honored with a walk-out celebration, which was only slightly dampened by the pouring rain; the walk had to take place in the precinct driveway overhang. The celebration consisted of an NYPD color guard and a line of officers on one side, community friends on the other, all applauding and offering hugs and handshakes as he walked out to Charles Street, waving goodbye.

When asked what he’ll now do with his time, he said he planned on restoring a few cars he’s picked up over the years.

We wish him good luck and happy days ahead.

Photos Courtesy of 6th Precinct