Conflict of Interest: Yet Another Reason to Be Frightened of a Trump Presidency

Did You Know that Federal Elected Officials are Immune to Any Laws or Regulations Regarding Conflicts of Interest?

Donald Trump shrugging_1464134140358_5738048_ver1.0_1280_720Yes, Unfortunately it’s true, and has been abused in the past, according to The Huffington Post.

But for the sake of appearances, most in these positions of power have made an effort to make appropriate efforts to appear clean by removing themselves from involvements with corporations that could profit from their federal positions of power.

A case of note is Dick Cheney. When he became Vice President, he removed himself from operations within Halliburton, and promised to donate any income he made to charity, which we’re sure he did. But how many contracts were given to Halliburton during his Vice Presidency, and how did that affect his profits and stock options once he left office?

Imagine Donald Trump as President and how he could further his TrumpPutinMuralbusiness interests while serving in that office. We can only guess as to whether or not he’d give up his position in the Trump Organization while in office, giving over management to daughter Ivanka, but we wonder about his overtures to Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, and whoever else he may court in the future. Will Trump businesses expand into Russia and North Korea?

And how many other ways could a President Trump ultimately expand his business interests from his powerful position?

To read the article about past Presidents and VP’s and their conflicts of interest, go to the Huffington Post article, President Trump Won’t Have To Tell CEO Trump ‘You’re Fired’